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Stay Healthy During Weather Change

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It’s time to get a quick recap with our health chart, Yes season changing time!!
The suddenly change in season from winters to summer (Vice- versa) may cause to illness. It’s common falling sick while season changing but but there are some measures that you can take to ensure that you stay fit and healthy.

Following steps we can keep in mind to stay healthy

Stay Hydrated
While winters, we are not sweating too much. we tend to cut back on how much water we drink as we are not as thirsty. So no matter it’s winter or summer drink enough water or also consumes fresh juices as well. As liquid flushes out toxins, helps you to absorbs nutrients and hydrates your body.

Breath Fresh Air
Just because it is getting a little chillier doesn’t mean that you have to come inside until spring comes around again. You can go for regular morning walk, have fresh air. This is diaphragmatic breathing, and it improves our immunity, detoxifies us and exercises our internal organs.

Stay With Exercise
Don’t let the cold weather stop you from moving! Exercise can help control your waistline since holiday feasts are almost here. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Some indoor exercises such as yoga and other moderately activities after meals are also good choices of keeping your body active.

Eat Well
Try to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Seasonal foods are in accordance with the nature. These foods contains vitamin C like extracts which will improve your immune system.

Dress Well
While taking all above precautions, it is important to change your wardrobe in accordance to the weather. As weather changes the body’s regulation metabolism is caught unawares, which results to illness. So it is important to either add or subtract clothe layers.

Hope!! this will help to conquer weather changes effects.