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Prepare yourself for Holi……. a festival of colors !!

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Holi, a festival of colours, a festival of love. So it’s time to know the precautions we need to keep in our minder which will help to protect our skin, hairs etc from side effects of colours. Don’t forget to apply oil, braid your hair and apply sunscreen/lotion before going out to play Holi.

Take these steps to protect yourself:-

1.) Don’t forget to apply oil to your hair properly, before getting your hair dirty with all the colours and harmful chemicals. Therefore, try this nourishing oil. Can apply oil you regularly uses.
2.) Along with that don’t forget to braid your hairs, try not to leave them openly. It helps to less absorb the colors.
3.) Now comes to skin, please apply sunscreen or any lotion which suits your skin. It helps to protect your skin from bad effects of colors.
4.) If possible prefer organic colours instead of synthetic colours then ensure a better quality of colours.
5.) Do not use permanent dyes. If someone has applied it on you, do not rub the face with soap immediately in order to get rid off it, especially when it is wet. Instead, use good quality cleansing milk for removal. It’s better than using soap, which will dry up your skin.
6.) Apply thick coating of nail paint on your nails- both in fingers and toes so that they remain protected.
7.) Cover your hair. Make use of hat or caps to protect your hair from being coloured with hard-to-rinse dyes.
8.) After celebrations are over, be extra careful while removing the Holi colours from your face. It is ideal to use olive oil to remove the colour. Dab some, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off.
9.) Can make use of shampoo or liquid soaps to remove colour. skin can become dry with the Holi colours and all the rubbing. To avoid this, pamper your skin with coconut oil or a good moisturizer.

Enjoy Holi… A festival of colors, but with little care.