Lollipop review for MOTO G Mobile

Lollipop review for MOTO G 2nd Gen

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Its been quite a time since the first news of Android Lollipop update on the Moto G phones started doing rounds and the update finally arrived for Indian users on last Jan end.

So here we will make you familiar with the review of the MOTO G phone with latest Lollipop update:

As the lollipop installation has completed on MOTO G, came the homescreen not so different from the KitKat. The only and important change was the new look of three navigation buttons at bottom. The one thing any Moto G 1st gen user must have been irritated with was not being able to change the background; there will be no respite for them. The update, although promised to be colorful and perky, gives a black background as earlier and no option to change it either; which seems rather deceitful seeing how beautiful other phones –especially the Nexus 5 and the newer Moto phones — look after the update.

But as you spend more time with the phone you start to see a few nifty design touches. As they say, never judge a book by its cover. Android Lollipop is a thing of beauty; something you realize once you go through the default apps like Message Inbox, Calendar, Calculator, Dialer, Phonebook, etc. The animations, colors, and graphics used are light, minimalistic, and soothing to eyes.

So what about the performance impact after Lollipop update- Yes, it does and to our relief it does so for better. Once you have updated the Android, for a few minutes you may feel your phone has become slower. But apparently that’s just your phone getting familiar with the new environment.

After using the phone for a while you start to feel all the subtle differences in the performance of your phone. For example, the transition from home to apps page and vice versa is faster and smoother, earlier it used to lag from time to time and the same happens for almost all the apps and pages that you open. Everything seems little faster. The new keypad may feel a bit complicated in beginning but that would probably be just because you are also getting used to it

Battery life is also better after the update. The difference is not much but just an hour here and an extra hour there does add to the sense that the phone now lasts slightly longer before requiring a charger.

While the Lollipop update brings a lot of goodness to the Moto G 1st gen, it also adds a few not so good things. You can’t just switch to ‘silent’ or ‘vibration’ mode from the power button. Interestingly, you can’t put your phone on silent at all. The other thing that we felt was a miss is the complicated placement of text option in call log. A regular user can’t easily find it.

To summarize, we can say the Android Lollipop update on the Moto G 1st gen has more pros than cons. actually; the list of good is longer than the list of bad. If you haven’t updated it yet, we suggest you do. The update is of 357mb in size, but the plus point in that too is that you will be getting Android 5.0.2, and not 5.0. This is the latest update; which means you have to download 2 less updates for future.
Android Lollipop on the Moto G 1st gen is a good change for traditional android users.

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