Cloud Computing

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While working on the system, when you run your programs or store data you need hard drives which are known as computing or local storage. Everything you need while this is physically closed to you which makes your work, accessing data, manipulating data easy and fast. These hardware and physical devices are dedicated resources while working with you.


Count Characters Using Javascript

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The number of times, while implementing some applications like CMS we need to calculate the characters enter in the textbox. Javascript/jQuery makes it easy to calculate.

This post will help you to count the characters limit. Further to whom one can change by editing the code. Along with count, the code will restrict the user to write more characters in the text-area after reaching the limit.


Create A Free Logo For My Business

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The first impression is the last impression!! What if the impression is visual. Yes, in humans, it’s common that we will remember things for more time that we see with our eyes instead of what we have read or hear. So keep this thing in mind, we can easily expand our business if they remember us, our work, our brand, our signature. So what we can do so that people can remember our work, Yes the answer is quite simple “Your Logo”. A logo will represent your work, your business.



WhatsApp Sharing Button For More Traffic

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communicator nowadays when it comes to mobile apps. As WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app. Almost everyone have this app even now it is available on web too. So today we will learn how to add WhatsApp button on wordpress and other website. Just imagine what will happened after adding sharing button to your blog and what kind of immense traffic it will bring to your website. You can expect better click through rate on content shared on WhatsApp. WhatsApp sharing button to wordpress website As we all know most […]



Implements cKeditor and save data using PHP

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Folks, it’s time to learn how to implements most widely used editor i.e CKEditor. Most of the time while building projects we require the editor to format HTML like blogging project. The HTML formatted content can quickly upload to the database. By using the editor, the user can quickly format the text content align, bold, italic, etc. So we learn how to implement this kind of editor in PHP pages and upload the HTML content in the editor to the Database. Similarly, we fetch the HTML content from database and list respectively.


Tabs Using Javascript / Jquery

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Hello Forks, this is very first post by webtechbuddies in Javascript.

Most of the time we need tabs, Instead of including full plugin file we can use this tabs logic. Because it will lighten your project to use the only code you need to run your functionality.

Let’s start, first of all we need to include jQuery in our HTML file, you can check with latest version of jQuery from Here. Then we need to include them on top of page in


Basic Components Of Angularjs

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What are the basic components / modules of angularjs ?

A module / container act as a container for the different parts of your app – controllers, services, filters, directives, etc.

Before we go into deep, one term $scope we need to aware. $scope joins controller with the views. Scope contains the model data. In controllers, model data is accessed via $scope object. Scope passed as a argument in function, like we have in controller.



Angularjs tutorials for beginners

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Angularjs is one of the most wanted framework, most loved framework these days… Angular js is a front end single app web framework. Angularjs is a MV* that is ideal for use while build single page web apps. It’s not a library, but a framework for building dynamic web pages. It focus on extending HTML and providing dynamic data binding. Gmail, Google docs etc are all fit into the Angularjs sweet spot.



Just a simple post

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