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Welcome to Webtechbuddies – webtechbuddies.com is a leading web-based service founded in January 2015. It is focused to provide the support and information on health and technology related topics. We make sure that you are always up-to-date with all the relevant information on these topics. We welcome community involvement and recommend our readers to voice their opinions on our site by providing feedback on our contact us page.


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Meet our Team

Vijay Kumar, Software hotshot

Vijay (Born Apr 22, 1991) is a web developer since 2011 in a leading organization at Chandigarh. Since the age of 18, Vijay is involved in the web developing domain and he loves to spend time learning the latest software languages like PHP, JavaScript, Jquery and few others. In spite of his always engaged schedule, he likes to spend time in activities like Swimming, physical work-out and browsing latest gadgets on the internet. Webtechbuddies.com is a showcase of his expertise in web developing and designing capabilities, single-handedly completed with pure dedication.

Whatever reason you have for being here, Thank you – Webtechbuddies Team.

  • akash760

    excellent person to work with.fully aware with all the aspects of web developing